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The true cost of buying the cheapest

It's true, we are not the cheapest brand out there, and it's easy to buy a very cheap new scooter or bike online instead of at one of our Dealers. So why not go with them, it's more in your pocket, right?

Actually, you might want to stop and consider why these bikes are sold so cheaply

It doesn't just turn up by itself:

That really low price tag looks brilliant, until you realise that the website hasn't popped on the delivery charge, which can cost from £85 to a staggering £185 to deliver on a weekday: If you want to take delivery of your bike on the weekend, be prepared to pay out another £50 on top, that is if they can deliver it to you at all on those days. Luckily most of our Dealers are open on Weekends and, being local to you, your bike will be ready for pick-up without a delivery charge; all without you needing to take a day off. So, even when our dealers have to balance the costs of being in a non-standard area, our prices are competitive already...

Not ready for the close-up:

The bike you like might look great with all the lights on it on the website, however you have not seen it up close and noticed the poor finish quality. Worse still, the dimensions or colours on the site could be wrong, meaning you get a completely different vehicle to what you were expecting, or even what your parking space will allow. Our Dealers have showrooms where you can visit and examine our bikes and see the excellent build and finish quality we work so hard to provide, as well as seeing the true colours and size. Plus, if it turns out that it wasn't for you after all, our Dealers will be able to help you pick out another bike from our range that's just right for you, saving you a lot of heartache.

Not ready to ride:

Your vehicle could be delivered to you only part-assembled at best, requiring professional assembly and inspection of the vehicle before you can even get it registered or insured. With our ranges, our dealers include the cost of professionally assembling and testing your bike in the cost of the vehicle. They've also got years of experience with our vehicles and know them inside out, so if anything's wrong they can spot it in a flash. Just imagine if you assembled your bike yourself and failed to notice your brakes weren't connected properly...

Not taxed, registered or approved:

Our dealers have the advantage of our V55/1 scheme or sameday AFRL systems, meaning registration is simple. Because our bikes are provided with valid EEC type approval and are acknowledged by the DVLA as official UK models both Lexmoto and Pulse vehicles are able to be registered and insured with ease. Unfortunately with some cheaper internet purchases you will more than likely need to register and tax your vehicle using V55/4 forms yourself, which cost in both money and time. The DVLA may quite possibly want to look at a non registered vehicle to make sure it has been imported legitimately and that the documentation matches the vehicle. This may require you to get your bike individually inspected by their nearest department - without riding it - and leave it with them while they inspect. This would cost a day off work and a van, at the very least. Let's not also forget that even if the bike does pass DVLA and VOSA tests you will find that your insurance premium will be higher because fewer companies will be willing to cover a bike that came in a crate. The cost's starting to run up now, isn't it...

You're on your own from here:

As soon as you've bought your bike online, the rest of the help you get is on a piece of paper accompanying the vehicle. Assembly instructions and servicing instructions can read like jargon sometimes, and who would be there to point it out to you? The very best you can expect is an expensive phone helpline. What about getting it serviced, or fixed? You know our Dealers are local, professional, and willing to help out with getting the best out of your vehicle. The warranty terms of an internet purchase could expect you to cover the cost of returning it to the warehouse in which it was stored, meaning literally hundreds of pounds of courier fees. What started out as a saving is now actually very, very expensive.

We price our vehicles so that you receive your ride ready to go, without lifting as much as a spanner. In the end it's a small price to pay when you consider the real cost of a cheaper bike.