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Lexmoto XTR S 125
125cc 4 Stroke
Black White/Black Red
RRP £1,399.99*

Lexmoto XTR S 125 Overview

Other Information
Model Code :
Fuel Tank Capacity :
11 Litres
About the Lexmoto XTR S 125

The Lexmoto XTRS entered the range trying to fill the shoes of the fantastic Lexmoto XTR. Using our experience we added the CBB balance shaft engine to the model to smooth the riding experience for the rider. It has been unbeatable in terms of value ever since. Featuring a sleek desirable design and the efficient and reliable 4t motor the XTRS offers you so much bike for so little cost. Having bested even premium priced opposition in UK magazine group tests the XTRS continues to build a loyal following.

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Last updated: Mar 21, 2019

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Lexmoto XTR S 125 Specifications

Max Speed :
100 kph
Max Power :
8.5Kw @ 9000rpm
Engine and Transmission
Engine Size :
124 cc
Engine Type:
Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Engine Brand :
Gear Type :
1 Down - 4 Up
Clutch Type :
Hand Operated
Drive Type :
Start System :
Electric / Kick Start
Ignition Type :
Wheel, Suspension and Brakes
Front Tyre :
Rear Tyre :
Front Suspension :
Telescopic Forks
Rear Suspension :
Twin Shock Absorber
Front Brake :
Rear Brake :
Seat Height :
860 mm
Wheelbase :
1320 mm
Overall Length :
1925 mm
Overall Width :
680 mm
Overall Height :
1156 mm
Mass in Running Order :
125 kg
This is the weight/mass of an unladen vehicle but one which has all fluids correct and present within. It includes fuel in the tank to a minimum of 90% full.
Maximum Laden Mass :
275 kg
This is the maximum operating weight/mass of the vehicle as specified by the manufacturer including the vehicle's chassis, body, engine, engine fluids, fuel, accessories, rider, pillion and cargo.

Lexmoto XTR S 125 Technical Data

Model Information
Speedo Type
Odometer Reading
Parking options
Side Stand
Power Output
Rated Max. Power
8.5 kW
9000 min-1
Engine Settings
125 cc
Idle Speed
1500±100 min-1
Bore x Stroke
56.5mm x 49.5mm
Compression Ratio
4 Stroke
Norm. Compression
135 psi
Valves per cylinder
Engine Type
Air Cooled
Timing and Ignition
Spark Plug
Spark Plug Resistance
Static Timing
15°±2° before TDC
Fuel System
Carburettor Type
Main Jet
Carburettor Brand
Valve Clearances
Exhaust Valve (Imperial)
2 thou
Inlet Valve (Imperial)
2 thou
Exhaust Valve (Metric)
0.05 mm
Inlet Valve (Metric)
0.05 mm
Front Sprocket
15 T
Rear Sprocket
38 T
122 Links
Handling and Suspension
Fork Oil Volume
170 ml per leg
Fork Oil Grade
Brake Fluid Grade
Engine Oil Grade
SAE 10W-40
Engine Oil Volume
1000 ml

Lexmoto XTR S 125 Gallery

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Lexmoto XTR S 125 360° View

No flash

Lexmoto XTR S 125 Media

Small wonders

Small wonders

Published Sep 19, 2011
Reproduced courtesy of

Are Chinese bikes getting better?

Are Chinese bikes getting better?

Published Jan 5, 2011
Reproduced courtesy of

Lexmoto XTRS 125 Wallpaper

Lexmoto XTRS 125

Lexmoto XTRS 125 Wallpaper

Lexmoto XTRS 125

Motorcycle Range 2011 Wallpaper

Motorcycle Range 2011

YouTube Videos
Lextek Sports Exhaust fitted to a Lexmoto XTR S 125 Uploaded: Sep 20, 2012

Lexmoto XTR S 125 Reviews

Bike is brand new and running reliable , its a good quality and worths paying 1500 pound.

KS125-24 review

Submitted Nov 26, 2016
by Arash Azizelahi    Liverpool

good money valve but some parts has failed on me and not even a year old

Submitted May 16, 2016
by liam    west sussex

Love the bike, got to do some work to it, as the owner came off it
And left it in his shed for over a year. Part from that great little bike

KS125-24 review

Submitted Mar 5, 2016
by Philip denwood    Uk

bike is a really idea for a sports bike which you don't want to spend so much money out for its a really nice and comfort bike to use everyday

Submitted Nov 13, 2015
by liam bestow    west sussex

Very comfortable riding position, which is a necessity as I have journeys of around 50km every week or so, and so far getting very good fuel consumption of around 110mpg.
Only 4 stars as a couple of little 'teething' issues, although these will hopefully clear up once the engine has properly run in.
Main concern is at speeds of over 50 mph (80kmh) the kickstarter arm, which I've never yet used, intermittently moves as if to drop to kick position and makes a grinding sound. This may be a parts issue, but won't know until bike is checked over at the dealership.
Overall very happy so far.

KS125-24 review

Submitted Oct 12, 2015
by Gerry    North Ayrshire

Engine is bullet proof, looks great and looking forward to the summer!

Submitted Mar 25, 2015
by Sam    Carlisle

Brill bike, no problems with it so far. I am a heavy chap and it rides really well with me on it!

KS125-24 review

Submitted Jul 10, 2014
by philip    Cumbria

After much consideration and research I purchased a Lexmoto XTRS. It has exceeded my expectations by a long way. It is a pleasure to ride and runs as smooth as silk and starts on the button every time. I haven't had to use the choke at all.
The running costs are minimal, it sips petrol and the insurance costs only £98 and I'm on a provisional licence!

The build quality looks good and the service I received from the Lexmoto dealer was superb.

It looks stunning and draws lots of comments. People don't believe me when I tell them how much it costs.

I would recommend this bike to anyone.

Submitted Aug 9, 2013
by Mark Gannon  

To be honest I originaly wanted a Honda CBR 125 but had a test ride on this aswell. Must admit this slim tyres didn't fill me with confidence, but once I got on it the Lexmoto XTR S road like a dream, an easy start first time and fast accelation. I definately stuck to speed limits but can get to 80 with ease and unlike you can on the CBR. Also you're not chucked off the bike with shaking thanks to the balance shaft.
Slides very nicely road country road corners when you lock the back wheel ;-) also I use this to commute to work and its the only 125 sports bike I can be comfortable on. A definate must for anyone looking to get a 125, plus if you show your parents the XTR and not the XTR S they'll think its alot slower ;-)

Submitted Jun 12, 2011
by Aaron Causeway    Wellingborough

I have been riding my Lexmoto XTR S 125 for three weeks now and it's the best 125 I have taken on the road. It's sporty, good speed, well balanced and a great design.

Just wanted to let you know how I feel. Keep up the good work.

Submitted Apr 16, 2013
by Antony Prewett  

I have bought a Lexmoto XTRS 125 and it is a dream, I enjoy riding it.
I rode it to Ipswich and back with no problem the other day which is about 130 miles, it keeps up with my mates Honda CBR 125 and beats him round bends ;)

Great bike 9/10

Submitted Apr 20, 2013
by Adam Dore  

Lexmoto XTR S 125 Downloads

Lexmoto XTRS Brochure

Lexmoto XTRS Brochure

Created: Sep 26, 2013
Size: 557 KB

Lexmoto XTR S 125 User Manuals


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